Success Tips For Designers On Fiverr

fiverrIf you have decided that it is time for you to start making a little bit of extra cash on the side, then you might consider looking to Fiverr for your source of side income. It does not take too much time looking around the site to see that there are a lot of designers out there getting a lot of work from the online marketplace. You can do everything from logos to website design all on the same site. Basically – anything and everything that you can think of using your graphic design skills for, there is a place for it on Fiverr and probably people looking to pay you for it.

That is the great thing about using the site to earn some extra money.

The bad thing is that with a base level account, you can only charge the $5 for your service and they take a 20% cut of what you earn. So that $5 job turns into to just $4 for you.

Fortunately, that is only for level one sellers and as you gain feedback in the form of reviews, you have the ability to move up in account levels. When you do this, you are then able to add on services that people can pay extra for, which means that the $5 job could turn into a $25 job and losing 20% of $25 gives you more in pocket money than if it were 20% of just $5 for the work. A good example of how you can upcharge once you get your account level raised is something like $5 for delivery in 24 hours – this is a common one that you will see sellers offering.

In order to know what you can offer for sale on the site, it is a good idea to first check out the gigs that are currently being offered to see how you can compete. You can also see how many jobs people have pending and how much feedback they have – this lets you know how many hungry buyers are out there waiting to give you their money.

Over time, you will build up a good profile with lots of reviews, which will allow you to make more and more money from the site. As you will see, this is a great way to make a little extra money doing something that you actually enjoy. Best of luck to you!