Finding Time To Work With A New Baby

You might have noticed that things have gone quiet around here lately. Well, it is not because I am lacking for things to say! Just ask my husband 🙂 No, the real reason that I have been gone for a while is that I was pregnant and now have a new baby at home!

It is definitely an exciting time at our house, especially with the new little one coming just in time for the holidays. My family was truly blessed this holiday season, and I hope that yours was too. Before giving birth, I was expecting there to be a lot of changes once little Annie arrived.

I’d read all the horror stories online about the babies who didn’t want to sleep pretty much at all during the night. About the babies who seemed to stay sick for most of the first year of their life. And pretty much anything else that you can think about like that, I’d read about it and was prepared for it.

What I was not prepared for is how I never want to leave her side. Even when she is sleeping and I can have some time to myself or to get things done, I still cannot tear myself away from that nursery! It is almost like an addiction. I can’t help but think – what if something happens? what if she needs me? what if she wakes up and I’m not here, will she be scared?

I suppose that these are your typical new parent thoughts, but they have been really bad for me since I work out of the home doing graphic design for clients. I just cannot leave her sleeping in the nursery and go to work in my home office.

I was talking to my mother about this irrational set of fears that I’d developed in regards to leaving her alone and she told me that I needed a good video baby monitor like these. I did not know that they made them video video cameras, so I started reading up on them. I opted to get one of the setups with two cameras instead of one so that I get more angles of the room.

After these arrived at our home, I was finally able to leave her alone and get back to getting some work done! I was able to keep an eye on her just like we were in the same room. This is something that I definitely recommend to new parents who have the same feelings that I do or who want to be able to do other things while keeping an eye on the little one.