The Top 3 Muscle Cars Ever Designed (In My Opinion)

America is well known for producing some of the most beautiful muscle cars throughout many years, especially in the 70’s which seems to be the height of the muscle car designs. In this article, I am going to give you 3 different muscle cars that stand out in the pack of a long list of muscle cars that shine all on their own, each and every one of them.

The Pontiac GTO may be one of the most recognizable of the cars that are on this list.

The Pontiac GTO rose to prominence in 1964 and was produced since that time until 1974. This car is regarded by many as the single automobile that started the muscle car trend across all the major car manufacturers in America. Thanks to this car you started to see other automobiles started to take its lead.

The GTO didn’t start out as it’s own vehicle when it came into production, but was actually an option of the Pontiac Tempest. The GTO, later became its own car in 1966 until 1977.

The Plymouth Superbird is not one that you might see generally on television shows or even among car collectors, so much as the most popular car in their arsenal, but this car exudes style and class when it comes to muscle cars.

The Plymouth Superbird is a car that Richard Petty used to win quite a few races in Nascar and created exactly for this reason.

While the Torino may have been and still is a more popular and well-known car of that year, this car cannot be denied with its bullet-like design and super long fin on the back of the vehicle. This car will make you do a double take if you were to see it in person.

The final car on this list is the Plymouth Barracuda which many people may consider to be the number 1 muscle car in their list of top cars that they own or would want to own.

The Plymouth Barracuda was in production from 1964 until 1974 as a competitor to the Pontiac GTO mentioned above.

This car changed designs considerably throughout its production run in which you could get multiple different styles of the Barracuda including a hardtop design or a convertible. Later models of this car were more based on the Dodge Charger in its design compared to when the car was originally released in 1964.

All 3 of these cars are absolute winners when it comes to a muscle car that anyone that sees it is going to be in awe of when they see you in it on the road or in a showroom showing off any one of these cars.

If you are looking into buying one of these cars, then be prepared to lay down a pretty penny because all of these cars are highly valued among automobile enthusiasts who know the value of these cars and aren’t going to let any of them go for anything cheap in today’s market. Or, just put some racing seats in your car and pretend you’re driving a classic hot rod!

Make A Foosball Table A Focal Point Of Your Game Room

game room

If you have a game or recreational room in your home that seems to be missing that one piece that makes the place a truly fun place to be, consider adding a foosball table as a focal point within the area. While you still want a large table with copious seating for card and board games, and possibly even a pool table to one side, finding room for a foosball table adds a dimension of fun the other pieces don’t bring.

Card games, board games, and even a game of pool can take time. Pool also is usually best suited for just two players. A foosball table on the other hand is instant gratification for two people playing one on one or even four people playing two on two. The cool thing is that if someone is particularly good, they can play by themselves against a pair of opponents, so that a group of three can get a game going for some fun.

Foosball is very simple to play, as a ball is dropped in and players maneuver lines of stick figures on rolling bars, pulling and pushing them back and forth and flipping or tilting them to move the ball across the field, trying to score soccer goals against their opponent.

Games are usually to 10 points, but opponents can set their own score goals, or just get in a few quick points before having to go out, while waiting on dinner, or just while the real game of the night is set up. It is quick simple fun that teenagers and tall enough kids love, while parents might be more likely to hang out at the game table or pool table.

Foosball tables are not overly expensive, and are relatively light to move around, so it is something that can be easily set aside to make room for large parties or groups of people. Having said that, it’s also easy to put up two or more of them and have a foosball tournament of sorts if you invite enough people over to your home.

Check your local recreational store for what models they might have. You can also order online, but keep an eye on shipping and handling given the size of the item in question. Also keep an eye out on local ads, as downsizing households whose kids have moved on occasionally have them for sale.

Make your own moss graffiti

After learning about how cool moss graffiti is, I decided to learn how to do it on my own. So, here is what I have learned and I want to share it here.

Instead of using toxic paints and chemicals to paint graffiti on your outer wall, why not try moss? Moss graffiti is a form of wall painting that uses living moss to create an eco-friendly design.

First, plan your project.

First you need to plan your project. Select a wall to paint on that’s somewhat porous where you have permission to do your graffiti. Surfaces that are painted or sealed can sometimes work, although they’re less than ideal. It’s harder to get the moss to grow on these sealed surfaces, and when it does grow it will often damage the paint.

Second, gather your moss.

Moss comes in a variety of species and types. Moss that grows on ground may not always grow well on stone and walls, so find moss that grows on rocks and stones. Once you about a handful, rinse it under cool water to remove as much of the dirt and mud as you can.

Make your “Moss Milkshake”.

In your blender, combine the moss with two cups of buttermilk or unflavored yogurt. Add 2 cups water and ½ tbsp. white sugar. Blend it until it’s completely smooth. If it’s a little too runny, you may want to add a tablespoon or two of white corn syrup to thicken it up.

Paint the Wall!

Some people will simply use a paintbrush and freehand their design on a wall. If you’re looking for something a bit more formal, you can use stencils, but sometimes it takes several applications of moss milk before it really takes off. Depending on the surface you’re using, you might trace your stencil with a ballpoint pen before you begin applying the moss; that should last through at least two applications of moss milk.

Making it Grow

At least once a week, you’ll want to check on your moss graffiti. Spray it with a water bottle to get it growing well. The first few times, you may want to add an extra layer of moss milk to help it thicken up.

For Best Results

Slugs love moss, so moss graffiti works best on surfaces that aren’t on the ground or near the ground. If the slugs start eating at ground level, they’ll climb up to get to the good stuff! For best results, plant your graffiti in the spring or fall in a moist atmosphere with partial sunlight. If you mess up or need to “erase” something, lemon juice or lime juice can be used to kill moss.

As with any forms of graffiti art, you’ll need to make sure you have permission from the property owner before you begin. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of moss graffiti, it might be best to purchase moss from a nursery or plant store rather than taking it from its wild, natural environment.

Moss Graffiti Is The Coolest Thing Ever!

I know that I might be a bit behind the times here, but I totally just learned about moss graffiti. Have you heard about or see this sort of thing before? It is pretty much the coolest thing that I have ever seen. Really. It is super rad and it has me wanting to get started on my own right away. Of course, I rent an apartment so I am not really sure on how I will make that happen, but I am so going to figure it out.

Meanwhile, if you are completely new to this awesome new (to me) way to be creative, then let me share some of the sweet photos of it that I have managed to find on the web. I hope that you think it is as cool as I do! Cause it is seriously all that I have been looking at and reading about for a couple of days now. I guess you could say that it is my newest artsy obsession.

Anyways, here’s some of those photos…

cool moss graffiti
cool moss graffiti
zebra moss graffiti
zebra moss graffiti
flower moss graffiti
flower moss graffiti
quote moss graffiti
quote moss graffiti

My Favorite Design Accounts on Twitter

One of my favorite ways to waste time is by hanging out on Twitter. Not only do I use the site to keep up on current events and chat with friends, but I also use it to check out cool designs and designers. Today, I want to share some of my favorite Twitter accounts that are related to graphic design. Keep in mind that these are just my current favorites and this time two months from now, I might be digging something completely different.

So, here are some of my favorites for now…


This one is probably my top favorite right now. Lots of great tweets on design, art and just visual culture in general. One of my recent favorite shares of theirs is below.

My Modern Metropolis

A great option for all art enthusiasts out there. They do tweets on all different types of art from photograhpy to drawings and everything in between. A recent tweet of theirs that caught my eye is below.

So, those are really my top picks right now. If you are still looking for some additional accounts to follow on Twitter, I suggest checking out this list of individual designers. It is a little outdated so you will miss anyone who is new and cool, but it is still a pretty decent resource for people looking to add a few designers to their follow list. So, give that a read and I’ll try to update this post in the future as I come across new and cool designer accounts on Twitter.